Voices Unbound

By Milo J. Clark and Tyler S. Young

Don’t Take Harvard Too Seriously

We all know that the Harvard name carries weight. It’s probably why many of us chose to go to school here.

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Hidden Voices, Public Consequences

In apparent response to a statement authored by the Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee and co-signed by other student organizations, a truck digitally displaying the pictures and names of students allegedly affiliated with the signatories began circulating Harvard Square on Wednesday. Credible safety concerns then forced the PSC to reschedule a vigil planned to honor civilian lives lost in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, according to the PSC’s Instagram.

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About Those Free Speech Rankings

A few weeks after we started working on this column, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression released their yearly college free speech rankings, placing Harvard dead last out of 248 universities.

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Wikipedia: A Model for Better Discourse on Campus

No matter our concentrations or our career aspirations, we’ve all come to rely on one website: Wikipedia.

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