Harvard's Role Amid Climate Chaos

By Phoebe G. Barr

Money or Sustainability: Choose One

When it comes to climate justice, Harvard has a problem.

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Crisis Careers

As I make my way through senior fall, the biggest thing on my mind — besides the end of the world — is finding a good career.

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Big Oil in the Classroom

Among Harvard’s many promises to confront the climate crisis, the one most directly relevant to us as students is its commitment to lead through teaching.

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Truth Versus Fossil Fuels

In the 1970s, scientists at Exxon noticed something troubling: Their industry was warming the planet.

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We Feel the Heat

So, you’re lying in bed, your fresh, just-moved-in sheets drenched with sweat. Your table fan is on full blast, but that’s just blowing hot air around. Your neck is sticky, your lungs heavy with heat. You prop the door open to see if that will cool you down enough to focus on your homework.

Maybe you heard that on Sept. 7, our mayor declared a heat emergency in Boston, while students sweated through the first week of classes without a break. This blistering start to September is hardly surprising, after the hottest summer ever recorded in human history, a summer of wildfires and flash floods. If you were in the northeastern United States or Canada this summer, you probably remember the taste of ash in your throat, the sky turning yellow above you, the sun becoming a hazy dark red circle like a dying star.

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