Queer Queries

By Aaryan K. Rawal

I Admitted Myself to the Psych Ward a Month Ago.

Content warning: Mentions of abuse, suicide, and self-harm; descriptions of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions.

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The Fight for Ethnic Studies Is a Fight for All Identities, Everywhere

Within our campus, we profess a commitment to academic freedom. But outside this ivory tower, the K-12 education system is unwell.

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It’s Time For Queer Affirmative Action

When I was in high school, my school district adopted regulations that prevented queer students from having their sexual or gender identities disclosed without their consent.

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Courting Complicity: Harvard’s Tolerance of Anti-Queerness

When I applied to Harvard, I centered my queerness. I discussed everything ranging from my LGBTQIA+ organizing and my hopes to study queer advocacy, to my intense struggle to accept my sexuality’s coexistence with my racial heritage.

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