Fight the Power!

By Prince A. Williams

Why You Should Support The Harvard Undergraduate Workers Union

At least 453,000 workers have participated in 312 strikes in the U.S. this year. Hundreds of thousands of workers in industries ranging from Hollywood to health care are standing up across this country. American organized labor is fighting organized greed.

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The New AFRO: A Call For Black Political Organization

As people celebrate the recent inauguration of University President Claudine Gay, many issues vital to the Black community hover over the incoming administration. In recent years, the Black community at Harvard has discussed reparations for the University’s legacy of slavery, questioned the existence and role of Harvard’s private police force, and debated the future of higher education admissions.

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It’s Deeper Than Hot Breakfast

Nearly 15 years ago, the Harvard administration and its financial managers thought it was acceptable to undermine House residents breaking their nightly fast. Amid widespread budget cuts, University leadership decided to cut “hot breakfast” — the combination of scrambled eggs, sausage, and french toast, with a side of fresh fruit. For over ten years following the decision, this kind of breakfast was only served at the first-year dining hall in Annenberg, until it was slightly expanded to Quincy House in 2021.

The campaign to reinstate hot breakfast in upperclassmen dining halls — which I am a part of — is a coalition of students and the dining workers’ union that aims to give more shifts and hours to workers, and more scrambled eggs and bacon to students. Around 2,000 Harvard undergraduates signed a petition in favor of hot breakfast that was delivered to administrators last fall.

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