Cogito, Clicko Sum

By Andy Z. Wang

Beyond Embedding Ethics: Understanding Technology and Society at Harvard

Harvard is “in dire need” of classes that help steer technology in the correct direction, Nikola Jurkovic ’25 told me in an interview.

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AI Images: Where Seeing Isn’t Believing

The events of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests continue to be a subject of mystery. One of the most iconic figures from those protests is the man known to the world only as “Tank Man,” a figure who courageously stood in front of a line of military tanks.

While many details about him, including his fate, remain unknown, one thing is absolutely certain: Tank Man did not take a selfie with the tanks behind him.

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Harvard’s AI Guidance: A Lesson in Binary Thinking

Nearly sixty years ago, a revolution hit American classrooms: the portable calculator. A Science News article from 1975 claimed that for every nine Americans, there was one calculator in service. While the public rushed to purchase the new product, teachers had to grapple with a much more difficult question: How would these handheld devices change the mission and practice of education?

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