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Beyond Embedding Ethics: Understanding Technology and Society at Harvard

I’ve spent the last few weeks speaking to College students studying technology about their impressions of the Embedded EthiCS program. I’ve been trying to answer the question: Is Harvard adequately preparing its students for this dangerous and uncertain technical future?

AI Images: Where Seeing Isn’t Believing

Up until now, we've evaluated the trustworthiness of where information comes from, how it’s been generated, and the context in which it’s presented. But the newest generation of imaging tools threatens to change that.

Harvard’s AI Guidance: A Lesson in Binary Thinking

In an era where ChatGPT will soon be as common as calculators, Harvard's stance on AI in the classroom should be more than a binary decision — it should be an open dialogue that empowers students to navigate the AI landscape with wisdom and creativity.

Learning to Forget

It’s hard to resist the constant urge to document. But memory is just as much about forgetting as it is about remembering.

Taking the Bait

College admissions for selective institutions have no longer become a competition of test grades or grade point averages, but a race to the bottom to demonstrate prodigious authenticity.

Charles Lieber’s Trial Begins Tuesday: Here’s What You Need to Know

Former Harvard Chemistry chair Charles M. Lieber is set to stand trial Tuesday on six federal charges related to his ties to the Chinese government, nearly two years after his initial arrest.