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Harvard Graduate Council Launches Legal Aid Program

The Harvard Graduate Council launched a legal aid program aiming to assist graduate students with personal legal concerns, student leaders announced at an HGC meeting Monday.

‘Urgent Action’ Required: Harvard GSAS Report Recommends Changes to Financial Aid, Advising

A Thursday report by a faculty working group at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences characterized the school’s financial aid, advising framework, and admissions practices as “no longer sufficient” in an era of rising living costs and increased competition with other universities.

Harvard GSAS Council Approves Budget, Initiates Elections

Members of Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Student Council approved a budget for the 2024 fiscal year and initiated its program representative election process for the upcoming academic year at a meeting Wednesday.

Foreign Policy Experts Discuss Effects of Vietnam War at Harvard Kennedy School Talk

Foreign policy experts discussed the impact of the Vietnam War on relations between the United States and Vietnam, as well as the war’s multigenerational health consequences, at a Thursday panel held at Harvard Kennedy School.

Academics Discuss Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Adaptation at Mahindra Humanities Center

University of Washington Bothell Earth Sciences professor Margaret H. Redsteer discussed the role of Indigenous knowledge in climate adaptation during a lecture hosted by the Mahindra Humanities Center on Thursday.

MacArthur ‘Genius’ McMillan Cottom Talks Black Identity, Pop Culture, and Women’s Rights at Radcliffe Lecture

Author and 2020 MacArthur “Genius Grant” recipient Tressie McMillan Cottom discussed Black identity, pop culture, and restrictions on women’s rights during a talk at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Thursday evening.

Newly Appointed HLS Professor Charles Delivers Talk on Shifting Legal Stances on Civil Rights

Harvard Law professor Guy-Uriel E. Charles discussed the decline of what he termed the “civil rights consensus” — a set of legal and political ideologies coming out of the American civil rights movement — at a Harvard Law School talk on Thursday.