To the Editor: What is a ‘Violent Lie?’

As the two unnamed speakers quoted in the article — speakers whose statements are explicitly compared to  “violent, violent lies” — we feel the need to ask the obvious question: What is a lie?

To the Editor: We Must Challenge Hyper-Selective Admissions

The hard truth, for all of us who have enjoyed the benefits of a Harvard education, is that Harvard’s exclusive admissions policies have always bolstered white supremacy and economic inequality. To truly address the harm we have caused, we must challenge the practice of hyper-selective admission itself.

To the Editor: Sharing the Experiences and Perspectives of Professor Schrag's Former Students and Postdocs

As Professor Daniel P. Schrag’s former students and postdoctoral researchers, we believe whole-heartedly that his scientific mentorship, professional guidance, and personal support have been essential to our careers. We further believe that the Crimson article published on April 28, 2023 fails to fully and accurately represent Professor Schrag’s outstanding legacy of scientific mentorship.

An Open Letter from 45 Black Student Organizations and Supporters

We assert that Black students should not have to live in fear of the police force being used as a weapon against them. We condemn the University’s failure to, at large, protect its Black community’s emotional and physical wellbeing in the aftermath of such trauma. We demand that the University take action to repair the manifestations of the inaction and to ensure that the victims of the phone call are served justice, the safety of Black Harvard students is maintained, and that in future incidents, the mistakes from this situation are not repeated.

To the Editor: Crimson’s Anti-Israel Bias Spills Into a News Article

Sprinkling the word “allegedly” into a sentence is not some kind of potion that magically provides a pretense of journalistic objectivity in an article that otherwise unskeptically parrots unsubstantiated claims around Roth’s fellowship. It is better journalism to say who is making the allegation, to check whether they have any evidence to support the claim, and to provide additional, alternative points of view.

To the Editor: When Will You Stop Silencing Palestine?

This is exactly why The Crimson’s silence is so ironic. Even in its outrage over a matter of suppression of free speech because of outspokenness in support of Palestinian liberation, The Crimson has managed to paper over Palestine.

To the Editor: Kenneth Roth’s Claims Are Irresponsible and Warrant Scrutiny

I am troubled by the persistent use of clichéd antisemitic dog whistles and canards in Roth’s claims surrounding his rescinded fellowship. I would have expected the so-called “godfather” of human rights to be more cautious about perpetuating harmful antisemitic myths and conspiracy theories. One need not have a Ph.D. in Human Rights to recognize the dog whistles Roth continues to amplify.

To the Editor: No More Student Government Clickbait

It is critical that The Crimson use its platform to share balanced and accurate information about student government with its readers. Prior to the collapse of the previous student government system, headlines regularly mentioned the types of projects the organization discussed and voted on. Today, that is the exception rather than the norm — and it isn’t due to a lack of initiatives.

To the Editor: Let Us Eat Bacon

As an undergraduate member of the Student Labor Action Movement, I am writing in response to your “Let Them Eat Toast” editorial from November 14th, which had some criticisms of SLAM and unionized HUDS workers’ campaign for hot breakfast.

Harvard Law School Affiliates Call for Redistribution of Potential Loan Repayment Program Savings

Almost 200 current and former Harvard Law School students signed onto a letter last week calling on the school to redistribute any savings it receives from President Joe Biden’s loan forgiveness program to alumni in low-paying jobs.

To the Editor: On Mischaracterizations of My Words

In her opinion piece, Natalie L. Kahn whitewashes Israel’s apartheid regime and misrepresents both the BDS movement and my personal views.

To the Editor: In Opposition to the BDS Editorial

As Jewish alumni from the Harvard/Radcliffe College Class of 1971, we write to voice our dismay with The Crimson’s editorial support for the Palestine Solidarity Committee’s mission and its endorsement of the campaign for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.

Statement in Support of The Harvard Crimson and Palestinian Liberation

As faculty and officers of Harvard University who oppose racism and colonial violence in all its forms, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom and self-determination.

To the Editor: From Six Crimson Alumni In Regard to BDS

We write in reaction to your editorial dated April 29th, in which you express unambiguous support for the BDS movement. It is a position with which we vehemently disagree.

Open Letter of Dissent

We, as Crimson alumni, are writing in support of Harvard's Jewish community and the many others at Harvard who believe in the state of Israel’s right to exist, and to express our dismay at the current editorial direction of The Harvard Crimson, an institution to which we have all been devoted.

Letter to the Editor: Editorial Normalizes Growing Campus Anti-Semitism

It takes no courage on campuses to oppose Israel’s existence. It takes great courage today to tell the complex truth about the history of the Israeli/Palestine conflict, which begins with the refusal of the Palestinian leadership to accept the two-state solution proposed by the United Nations.

To the Editor: In Support of the BDS Editorial

I was president of The Crimson in 1973, nearly 50 years ago. I agree entirely with your superb editorial endorsing the nonviolent Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) campaign, designed to promote justice in Israel/Palestine.

To the Editor: In Response to ‘In Support of Boycott, Divest, Sanctions and a Free Palestine’

In general I think the content of the Crimson should be up to undergraduates not alumni, and in the almost 30 years since I was president this is the first time I can remember that I am furious enough to write with a complaint.

To the Editor: Harvard Students Are Not Alone

I was disappointed, but not surprised to read Libby E. Tseng’s op-ed  (April 9) “ To the class of 2026.” Her description of the student experience elucidates findings of our national study of higher education, in which nearly half of one thousand students across 10 disparate campuses view college principally as a means to build a resume and get a (first) job

To the Editor: On ‘UC Meeting Stalls Due to Lack of Attendance’

I was disappointed to see The Crimson’s coverage of the Undergraduate Council general meeting that took place on Tuesday the 22nd.

A Response Letter from 73 Faculty Members

We, the undersigned, write in strong opposition to the open letter signed by 38 Harvard faculty calling into question the sanctions against Professor John Comaroff. We are dismayed that these faculty members would openly align themselves against students who have lodged complaints about a tenured professor.

To the Editor: In Support of Basic Rights

The goal of our letter was to advocate for the improvement of processes guaranteeing the integrity and fairness of Title IX investigations for students and faculty, whether they be accusers or accused.

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