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Street Signs of Change

We hope this project will serve to encourage Cambridge residents to contend with their self-identity, community, and history writ large. We believe these signs hold the power to start all too-infrequent discussions about America’s founding injustice of settler colonialism.

Trans Athletes Have a Place at Harvard

Amid this noxious climate of rhetoric, we reaffirm our support for trans students and athletes on campus. As members of our community, they deserve to feel safe to express themselves to the fullest; their identities should not be shamefully ridiculed or exploited for votes.

Winter is Coming. So is the Course Registration Deadline.

Despite the benefits of early course registration to teaching teams, we take issue with the current implementation. We think that a course registration period over winter break is a more favorable timeline.

Putting in the Work, In and Out of Academia

To loosely quote one of the union’s chants: “Woo-hoo, HUWU! You did it!” HUWU’s organizational labor has paved a path for better student labor at our University — joining this year in national union wins.

For Athlete Admissions, Something’s Got to Give

Athlete recruitment should be consistent with the College’s values of diversity and opportunity. While athletes’ talents are valuable, so are other extracurriculars. The immense boost given to recruited athletes by virtue of a coach’s preference letter should be minimized and their accomplishments should be weighed just like those of their fellow students.

Editorial Snippets: Spooky Season

Now that the occasion has passed — yet exams and dreary weather seem to be sticking around — we asked our Board to reflect on the peculiar (and sometimes existential) sentiments that have characterized this season.

Launch Grants Need More Fuel

Money is money, and launch grants are $2,000 in unrestricted cash. But where propelling low-income students at the College into the heights of postgraduate success is concerned, we’ve yet to see liftoff.

Artificial Intelligence in Consultants’ Clothing

The artificial intelligence revolution isn’t just altering the coursework of Harvard undergraduates anymore; it is also infiltrating their future workplaces.

Make The Diversity Statement Optional

It does not surprise us to hear lawmakers are curtailing how academics can be evaluated on the basis of their commitment to diversity, and we have our own critiques of these statements too. But we must not let politics interfere with academics’ ability to express themselves and their devotion to diversity if they so choose.

A Gold Star for Goldin, but None Yet for Economics

Goldin’s Nobel Prize in economics is a stellar achievement not only for her, but also for a generation of female economists beginning their academic journeys. It’s the perfect moment for Harvard to follow Goldin’s lead and champion diversifying Economics for the rest of academia.