Ten Songs For Getting Through A Breakup

The following ten songs depict the various stages of breaking up with masterful songwriting and storytelling, inviting you to reflect, reminisce, and heal.

Concert Review: Trousdale Fills The Sinclair With Goosebumps and Musical Genius

With all the right ingredients for artistic success, Trousdale is primed to establish themselves as boundary-pushing powerhouses in today’s pop and pop-adjacent landscapes.

‘Something To Give Each Other’ Album Review: The Euphoria of Queer Love, Lust, and Loss

"Something To Give Each Other" is an odyssey through the heart's highs and lows, from the exhilaration of new love to the heartache of breakups and the enduring hope of reconnection.

‘Javelin’ Review: Sufjan Stevens’ World is Abundant

On "Javelin" Stevens asks the listener to take in the world, and after listening one feels filled with its beauty, its grief, its love, and its abundance.

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