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Angelina X. Ng

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The ‘Wild West’ of Aging Research

Aging research helps people age more gracefully as lifespans increase globally, but in anti-aging research, which looks into extending the human lifespan, a slew of other problems arise.

So You Want to Read Rom-Coms

Many rom-com works have compelling characters, well executed plots, and are a perfect form of escapism from the reader’s exhausting day of work or studying.

Artist Profile: The Defiantly Optimistic Storytelling of Marie Lu

The stories that Lu writes are intensely personal. But these deeply confessional stories come with their own difficulties — it’s a more vulnerable form of storytelling, too.

‘Happy Place’ Review: An Ambitious Emily Henry Novel

Though it falls short of the brilliance of her previous works, “Happy Place” is still sexy, charming, and meaningful — a book well worth reading for Henry’s fans.