Fifteen Questions: Maria Dominguez Gray on PBHA, Leadership, and Public Service

The executive director of the Phillips Brooks House Association sat down with Fifteen Minutes to share her thoughts on what makes a good student leader and the value of community service.

A FunGi Among Us: Meet Lawrence Millman, the Square’s Expert Mycologist

Millman’s passion for discovering drives him still. Whether it’s encountering a fungal species that had not been seen since 1909 or learning about the traditions of the cultures he encounters from the Arctic to the archipelagos, the unpredictability of his work never ceases to impress him.

The World is Aryt Alasti’s Garden

Aryt Alasti works as a security guard at Harvard from the evening until early morning. He returns home for a brief two-hour nap before coming back to campus. Then he toils each day caring, alone, for dozens of plants across Harvard.

Fifteen Questions: Rochelle Walensky on Pandemics, Public Health, and Reading for Fun

FM sat down with the former CDC director to discuss her experience as one of the nation’s public health leaders during an unprecedented global pandemic. "I don’t know that America appreciates how the people of CDC, the 12,000 people of CDC, work tirelessly, quietly,” she says. “You never know their name.”