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time trade circle

The principle of time banks is straightforward: you complete a task for someone, and the number of hours it took to complete the task is deposited into your account. You can then “cash in” those hours whenever you want for a task someone else is offering.

Embedded ethics robot

In your role as a software engineer, if you can reasonably foresee that a certain design choice or algorithm would lead to harmful outcomes, what should you do?

Phone Affirmations

Before I thought of simply sparking a conversation with my years-old crush, I was repeating variations of 'I don’t chase, I attract,' convinced of its effectiveness by the TikTok creators whom I watched. But testing the concept wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I had believed that such techniques were a convenient shortcut to actual change in my life.

Math 55

Welcome to Math 55, the undergraduate course surrounded by what is perhaps the most intrigue and infamy of any class at Harvard.