scooter levity

Scooter parking is taking over places on campus previously reserved for bikes and bike riders are now living in anxious fear.

fifteen places to make out

At Fifteen Minutes, we believe the lack of knowledge surrounding proper make-out spots on campus is breaking news — and breaking hearts. But, we’re prepared to change the narrative.

Fifteen Minutes’ Top 15 Places to Make Out on Campus

Here’s our intel on the top 15 places to make out on campus, just for you. Thank us later.

Rainy Day Vignette

It was sunny just an hour ago...

LinkedIn Warriors

Armed with the skills I’ve acquired through my unemployable History and Literature concentration, I dug through the archives and rediscovered the profiles of the LinkedIn Warriors of Harvard’s past.

Cookie Monster

Harvard Business School's most recent guest speaker? Cookie Monster. And he has a few things to say about how they run things there.

Indie Berg

On an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon in Annenberg Hall, your writer plunges into the unknown. I remove the over-the-ear headphones practically fused to my skin. I shudder without their warm embrace.

The Career of a Hapless Assassin

The animals around Harvard play Assassins. Who will come out on top?

C is for Capitalism: Cookie Monster Pays a Visit to Harvard Business School

The following is a transcript from Cookie Monster’s recent guest lecture at the Harvard Business School. Like Kim K., he also wore his finest pinstriped pantsuit, black leather trench coat, and (though not for public viewing) SKIMS undergarments. Unlike Kim K., Mr. Monster opted to perform his speech to the tune of his smash hit, “C is for Cookie.”

Take Off Your Damn Headphones

I remove my over-the-ear headphones (shocking, daring, brave!) and discover the beauty of Harvard’s unfiltered sounds and silences. I also discover that I have been breathing really loudly this whole time.

The Harvard Man Goes to Therapy

Your least favorite person in your Social Studies seminar visits a therapist. But don’t worry, “Harvard Man” — an archetype that plagues this particular ivory tower — isn’t cured. He will still interrupt you to explain your own lived experiences to you tomorrow.

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